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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Every pet parent should consider pet insurance for their furry friend. Whether your pet is young or old, it's hard to anticipate future vet bills, especially if your dog or cat is in need of emergency care. With emergency vet visits ranging from $800-$1,500+, most Americans struggle with paying out-of-pocket; this is where a pet insurance plan would be most helpful.

Similar to health insurance, you purchase coverage from a provider which will cover certain aspects of your pet's healthcare (diagnostics, dental, etc.). An average premium for a dog is around $47/month ($29/month for a cat), and with a reimbursement rate of 80-90%, many pet owners find that pet insurance can be a great investment.

Types of Pet Insurance

When it comes to pet insurance, you have a choice of three, main options:

Accident & Illness - this is the most comprehensive care, sometimes including wellness coverage, but mainly for treatments of unexpected injuries, sickness, etc.

Accident Only - Like the name implies, this insurance plan only covers accident-related medical care.

Wellness - Otherwise known as "Routine" or "Preventative" care, this plan covers shots, dental cleanings, and other essential appointments.